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Our Customization....Your Creation!


Each of the featured baskets below includes delicious gourmet treats 

and other surprises, with their very own story.  We go the extra mile to 

create your vision.  Look at the baskets below to get a little glimpse 

into our custom gift experience’s each can be ordered in sizes Medium, 

Large, and extra large. Call to order or discuss your own made-to-order 

basket today!

Basket 7914

Elegant Celebrations Gift Basket

Story: Every celebration or occasion should be met with an equally great gift basket. this is just one of many varieties we offer here at Webster Street Gifts. Inspired by a cocktail party it was given as a prize to a lucky guest who participated in a  raffle.

Basket 7861:
The Brazilian Bombshell a fruits and gourmet deluxe gift basket.



A secretary of an ambassador contacted us to create a special tropical basket that would “Taste like home”. It included fresh and delicious tropical fruit, but also imperishable gourmet treats for his visiting family.  The secretary reported back that the ambassador was thrilled by the gift so that he could bring a little piece of home to his family. Great success!

Basket 7867

Coffee, Tea, or Me!


A Tea Lover wanted to give a gift as unique as their taste pallet to their neighbors to inspire tea times and social get together's. This basket was a hit, and gave their new neighbors a unique one of a kind gift.

Basket 1143

You're the Best! Gift Basket

Story: One of of classic baskets to show the affection you have for others and their impact in your lives. 

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